Aloha in Hawaiian means Hello and Good-bye. It also means “a way of life”. We demonstrate Aloha by taking care of ourselves and each other. Being your healthiest self lets you focus on other important things, and helps bring the rest of your life into balance. That’s why we offer a wide selection of resources to help you improve your health.

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Camp Pono

In Hawaiian culture, living pono means achieving a state of balance and harmony in all areas of your life. Camp Pono, our new destination for wellbeing, is your go-to place for resources and support that will help you live well every day, in every way.

Camp Pono focuses on four key areas:

  • Nourish: Fuel up on knowledge that will help you tackle your healthy eating goals.
  • Revive: Recharge with resources for sleeping well, taking time off, and unplugging.
  • Move: Do your body good with exercises and activities that work for your lifestyle.
  • Thrive: Manage stress with benefits and programs that help you roll with life's punches.

At Camp Pono, you’ll find tips, tools, challenges, and events to help you explore each of these areas. And just like at camp, you’ll be able to choose the activities and adventures that are right for you.

Find out how to enhance your wellbeing with Camp Pono.

Wellness reimbursement program

Get reimbursed up to $100 a month for fitness activities, massage, nutritional counseling, smoking-cessation programs, and weight-management programs. After you pay for a program, you can apply for reimbursement through WageWorks.

To apply for reimbursement:

  1. Log in to WageWorks via Aloha.
  2. Click “Submit a Receipt or Claim” on the left side of your screen.
  3. Select “Pay Me Back—Wellness Reimbursement Claim.”
  4. Submit your claim online: Enter the provider name, service dates, and item details.
  5. “Review” and “Submit Claim.” Salesforce does not require receipts, but it’s a good idea to hang on to them for your own personal records.

For more details and a list of eligible expenses, review the U.S. Wellness Reimbursement Program [PDF].

Wellness infographic

Visit the Wellness Centers

Do you work in San Francisco, Hillsboro, or Indianapolis? Stop by your local Wellness Center to sign up for services to help you stay healthy and balanced:

  • San Francisco—50 Fremont, 3rd floor
  • Hillsboro—Showers, 1st floor; Wellness Studio, 4th floor
  • Indianapolis—Century Building, 8th floor
  • Atlanta—34th floor
Services San Francisco Hillsboro Indianapolis Atlanta
Group fitness classes* X X X X
Massage therapy X   X X
Nutritional counseling** X X X X
Showers X X X X
Locker rooms & towel service X   X X
Personal training X      

*Find the schedule in the Wellness Center Chatter group
**In-person counseling is available at San Francisco. Telephonic counseling is available at all other locations. 

Not a member yet? Check out Concierge. To book your services with a trainer, massage therapist, or registered dietician, log in to the Wellness Center’s Flex site.

Even if you don’t work at one of those hubs, as a U.S. employee you have access to virtual nutritional counseling. Log in to the Wellness Center’s Flex site to book an appointment with our registered dietician.

  • Don't forget! Massage therapy, personal training, and nutritional counseling are all eligible for the Wellness Reimbursement Program.
  • Stay tuned for onsite wellness services coming to your area.

Health program discounts

Enjoy discounts on gym memberships, weight loss programs, massage therapy, and more through Fond via Aloha.

Flu prevention

Feeling under the weather? It could be the flu! Register with Flu Near You to stay a few steps ahead of the illness: Monitor any flu-like symptoms you might be experiencing and see the potential flu rates in your area.

Onsite flu shots will be provided for employees located in Chicago, Salt Lake City, Palo Alto, Indianapolis, Burlington, New York, San Francisco, Hillsboro, Bellevue, and Atlanta in October/November.

If you are not located near a hub where we are offering onsite clinics, you can still get a flu shot for free! Flu shots are covered as preventive under all of our medical and prescription coverages. You can use your medical coverage by visiting your in-network Aetna, UHC, or Kaiser doctor or your CVS/Caremark prescription coverage by visiting any in-network pharmacy, which includes CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger.

Don’t have your medical coverage through Salesforce? Use the flu shot voucher, good through 3/31/19, to get a free flu shot at any CVS store.

To view the onsite flu shot clinic schedule, or to print off the flu shot voucher, visit Concierge!