Grand Rounds Health, Your Personal Healthcare Assistant

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With Grand Rounds Health, you’ll receive VIP treatment from an award-winning care team that delivers continual guidance and support.

As your personal healthcare assistant, Grand Rounds Health can help you and your family:

Pay the lowest price for high-quality care. Grand Rounds Health can help you compare prices for medical services, help with treatment denials, look for errors and overcharges, negotiate with billing departments on your behalf, and organize paperwork and invoices.

Get clarity around your employee healthcare benefits and when to use them. Call Grand Rounds Health with questions or go online if you want to know exactly what’s covered by your medical insurance, and what you can expect to pay out of pocket.

Find high-quality primary care doctors and specialists in network. Grand Rounds Health uses data science to identify doctors who are more likely to get you to a better health outcome for your specific needs. They review educational background, clinical success rate, patient feedback, and other doctor qualities.

Talk to medical staff about symptoms, medications, and more. Get one-on-one support over the phone to help you make informed decisions about medical care and treatment. Grand Rounds Health's doctors, nurses, and physician’s assistants are here to talk with you for as long as you need.

Get a second opinion on your medical condition or treatment plan. If you have questions about a diagnosis or treatment, Grand Rounds Health will connect you with a world-leading expert who is experienced in treating your condition, so you feel more confident in your treatment.

For a quick preview of how Grand Rounds Health can help you and your loved ones access higher quality medical care, check out this video:

To connect with Grand Rounds Health, call 1-800-233-6485 Monday­–Friday, 8 a.m.–9 p.m. PT, visit, or download the app. Just enter your email and password to create your account.