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Wondering what benefits we offer to promote your health and wellbeing? Look no further! Review the Benefits Transition Checklist below and explore the offerings on this site. Then discuss our options with your loved ones so you can choose the benefits that work best for you and your family.

Benefits will harmonize on July 1, 2019, and Salesforce.org employees will enroll in Salesforce benefit plans. Salesforce will continue to cover the cost of the medical, dental, and vision plans based on your benefit elections until March 2020.

Need help? Check out the resources to the right or the contact information below.

To have benefits coverage, be sure to enroll by July 30. 

Benefits Transition Checklist


Deadline Action

Check to see if your current providers are in the Aetna or UnitedHealthcare (UHC) network.

Most Salesforce employees can choose from four medical plans—all provided through either Aetna or UHC. (If you live in California or Oregon, you have a fifth option through Kaiser.) Aetna and UHC are among the nation’s largest health insurance companies, so you’ll likely find your providers in their networks.


CVS Caremark is the pharmacy benefit provider if you enroll in any of Aetna or UHC medical plans. Check out the CVS FAQ for instructions on how to locate the cost of your medication and information about specialty medication.  

You can also call CVS Caremark at 1-844-345-2824 to get help determining if your drug requires prior authorization and, if so, how to obtain prior authorization.  

July 1, 2019 Get your dependents’ Social Security numbers ready (you’ll need to enter them in Workday to enroll your dependents in benefits).
July 1, 2019 If enrolling in the Aetna EPO plan, be sure to get your Primary Care Physician’s ID #. Follow these steps to see if your doctor is in the Aetna network (this step not required for UHC).
July 1–30, 2019

Benefits enrollment will start on July 1 and will end on July 30. Your benefits effective date will be July 1.

NOTE: Your current .org benefits will end on June 30, 2019. Be sure to complete your enrollment as soon as possible.

After you submit your benefits election in Workday If you switch medical plans from Aetna to UHC and you’re in the middle of a treatment, such as chemo or second trimester of pregnancy, and your doctor is out of network with UHC, please complete the UHC Transition of Care Form. This form is a request for UHC to cover your current care at our in-network coverage. It's important to submit the form within 30 days of completing your benefits enrollment for review and approval.  
June 30, 2019

Fertility reimbursement through Carrot: You have until June 30, 2019, to use/incur eligible expenses, and until July 30, 2019, to submit claims for reimbursement to Carrot.

If you've prepaid for services that will be rendered after June 30, you'll be eligible to submit claims for reimbursement to Carrot.

If you elect an Aetna or UHC medical plan under Salesforce, you'll have access to fertility services through Progyny. If you’re in the middle of fertility treatment and you have questions about transition of care, contact Progyny at 1-888-461-5067.


Deadline Action

Check to see if your current dentist is in the Delta Dental network.

Call 1-877-510-3502, or search for your dentist on the Delta Dental website. Select a network: PPO or Premier.


Delta Dental covers orthodontia. Details can be found here.

For those undergoing active orthodontic treatment, ask your orthodontist to submit an Orthodontic Treatment Claim to Delta Dental, or call 1-877-510-3502.

FSA (current Salesforce.org FSA enrollees only)

Deadline Action
September 15, 2019

You will have until September 15 to incur eligible healthcare and/or dependent care FSA expenses under the Salesforce.org plans. Any unused balance after September 15 will be forfeited, per the IRS use-it-or-lose-it rule.

Please note: Your WageWorks FSA debit card will be deactivated on June 30. For any expense you incur during the grace period, you'll need to submit manual claims to WageWorks for reimbursement. You can upload your claims on the participant site.

Take a look at two scenarios illustrating how the Healthcare FSA and Dependent Care FSA grace periods will work for you.

September 30, 2019 Please note claims must be submitted by September 30.

Commuter Transit & Parking Benefit

Deadline Action
July 10, 2019

On July 1, your eligibility information will be sent to WageWorks. Once this occurs, you can create your new Salesforce profile with WageWorks and complete your transit/parking elections for the next month. You can register and make your elections by accessing WageWorks via Aloha SSO.

If you have a remaining Salesforce.org WageWorks commuter benefit balance after July 31, your pre-tax credits from Salesforce.org will be transferred to your new Salesforce WageWorks account by the middle of August.
Please note the funds will not be available unless you place an order on the Salesforce WageWorks account. 
You can access your Salesforce WageWorks account via Aloha SSO.

Wellbeing Reimbursement

Deadline Action
June 30, 2019

Submit your Salesforce.org wellbeing reimbursements (up to 6 months arrears) by June 30 at the latest to be paid out. Starting July 1, you will be required to submit a receipt with all wellbeing reimbursement claims into WageWorks under the Salesforce wellness reimbursement program.

If you submitted a reimbursement request by June 8, you'll see it in your last paycheck in June. If you submitted a reimbursement request after June 8 and by June 30, you'll see it in July's paycheck under Salesforce.

You can access your Salesforce WageWorks account via Aloha SSO.

Education Reimbursement

Deadline Action
June 30, 2019

You must submit all approved and completed eligible educational courses into Peopleforce by June 30 to be reimbursed under your Education Reimbursement program. For any current/ongoing courses, you may submit for reimbursement in the Salesforce Education Reimbursement Program.

Your Education Reimbursement budget will reset to the full balance once you have joined Salesforce.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Deadline Action
July 1

Your current voluntary life insurance election will not transition to Salesforce. You must complete your voluntary life elections during your initial enrollment to get coverage. When you enroll, be sure to enter your beneficiaries in Workday.

During your initial enrollment, you can take advantage of the Guaranteed Issued (GI) for Employee Life up to $750,000 and for Spouse Life up to $100,000. Anything over the GI is subject to medical underwriting.

Leaves of Absence

Deadline Action

You’ll continue to report your leave and/or disability to Larkin until further notice.

Employee Costs

We recognize that some of Salesforce's employee contribution costs are higher than they are for Salesforce.org. Salesforce will cover the cost of your employee contributions for the remainder of 2019 based on elections you make during enrollment.

Go to the Costs page to review monthly costs for medical, dental, vision, and insurance benefits.

Medical Plan Comparison Charts: A Few Differences


  Salesforce.org Salesforce
Plan Design PPO (In-Network) PPO (In-Network)
Carrier Aetna Aetna/UHC


$250/$500 $500/$1,000

Out-of-Pocket Max

$2,500/$5,000 $2,500/$4,500
Primary Care $15 copay/visit $15 copay/visit
Specialist $30 copay/visit $15 copay/visit
Urgent Care $35 copay/visit $15 copay/visit
Emergency Room 10% coinsurance after $150 copay/visit 10% coinsurance after $75 copay/visit
Rx Retail $15/$30/$50 $10/$25/$40
Rx Mail Order $30/$60/$100 $20/$50/$80


  Salesforce.org Salesforce
Plan Design EPO (In-Network) EPO (In-Network)
Carrier Aetna Aetna/UHC


$0 $200/$400

Out-of-Pocket Max

$2,500/$5,000 $2,200/$4,400
Co-insurance 10% 0%
Primary Care $10 copay/visit $15 copay/visit
Specialist $15 copay/visit $15 copay/visit
Emergency Room $150 copay/visit $75 copay/visit


  Salesforce.org Salesforce
Plan Design HMO (In-Network) HMO (In-Network)
Carrier Kaiser Kaiser


$0 $0

Out-of-Pocket Max

$3,000/$6,000 $1,500/$3,000
Co-insurance 10% (if applicable) 20% (if applicable)
Primary Care $20 copay/visit $15 copay/visit
Specialist $40 copay/visit $15 copay/visit
Emergency Room $150/visit $75 copay/visit
Inpatient Hospital $250/day $0
Outpatient Hospital $250/procedure $15/procedure
Rx Retail $10/$30/30 $10/$25/$25 CA
Rx Mail Order $20/$60/$60 $10/$25/$25

Check out a comprehensive benefit summary of the medical plan options.


  • For questions related to the Aetna medical plans, call the dedicated Aetna hotline at 1-888-512-3862. For specific questions, contact Aisha McGee by email: mcgeea@aetna.com (primary) or amcgee@salesforce.com (secondary).
  • For UHC transition of care questions, please call 1-844-234-1202.
  • Choosing a medical plan: Use ALEX, your personal online and interactive benefits counselor. ALEX can guide you through your benefits enrollment and help you decide which medical, dental, and vision options are right for you. You can also contact Health Advocate at 1-866-695-8622 for assistance.
  • Get contact information for our other carriers.
  • Find out who’s eligible for your plan.
  • To enroll, log on to Aloha Single Sign-On (SSO) to access Workday.