Video Gallery

2021 Virtual Benefits Showcase webinars

Save with an HDHP & HSA webinar

Watch the recording of the Save with an HDHP & HSA webinar held October 22, 2020.

Mental Health Benefits Overview

Learn to check in with yourself through benefits – your mental health is a marathon, not a sprint; let’s keep it in tip-top shape.

Meet Grand Rounds

Watch the recording of the Meet Grand Rounds webinar held October 8, 2020.

Your Salesforce benefits

Benefits Sneak Peek

Watch the video and read the plan updates above to learn about the changes.

US Benefits Overview

Welcome to Salesforce! We take care of our employees every way we can, with comprehensive benefits and cool perks you won’t find anywhere else. Learn how to make the most of the benefits and resources we have to offer.

Your health benefits

Grand Rounds, Your Personal Healthcare Assistant

Learn about all of the services that are available to you from Grand Rounds, your personal healthcare assistant.

Medical Plan Comparison

Review how our medical options compare and differ to help you choose “the one” for you and your family!

Your financial benefits

401(k) Overview

Learn about saving with a 401(k) Retirement Savings plan at Salesforce. In this short video you’ll learn what a 401(k) is, how to save using a 401(k), the tax benefits of a 401(k), and how to enroll.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

You invest in Salesforce through your talent and hard work. The ESPP helps you invest in the company financially too—giving you the chance to own a piece of Salesforce and save for your future.


ESPP Taxes

The Salesforce Employee Stock Purchase Plan, or ESPP, lets you share in our success by letting you buy company stock at a discount. It’s a huge opportunity that could give you a chance to make profits. But where there are profits, there’s also taxes. We’ll focus on U.S. tax implications in this video – for our global colleagues, be sure to check out the global tax supplement article found on Concierge.

Restricted Stock Units

Restricted Stock Units, or RSUs, are one of the many ways Salesforce is worth a lot to you. Your RSUs grow and mature into stock on a regular basis, and when you’re ready, you can sell that stock for money. But where there’s profit, you know there are taxes. Learning more can help you make smart decisions about your investment.

Your work/life benefits

Commuter Benefits

At Salesforce, family, or “Ohana” is important to us. And we love seeing our “Ohana” each day. That’s why we offer a program that helps you get from Point A to Point B at a fraction of the cost—it’s called Commuter Benefits.

Time Off Programs

When you need it, paid time off, or PTO, ensures you get some time that’s just for you away from all the hustle and bustle of work. It’s our way of saying “mahalo” for all the work you do.

Supporting Your Employee’s Leave of Absence

When your employee is on a leave of absence, it’s important to make sure they continue to feel supported by Salesforce, and that they are still a part of our ohana culture. This video will discuss how you can support and respect your employee's leave of absence.