Caring for your Ohana

Benefits and resources for parents

Whether you have (or will soon have) children, are thinking about adding to your family in the future, or are caring for an aging loved one, your Salesforce benefits are there to help you tend to all your family needs!

Parental leaves
Adoption assistance
Parental perks
Surrogacy and fertility benefits
Child care benefits
Rethink development support
Grand Rounds
Enrolling your children in benefits
College coaching
Saving for the future
Helpful hints and resources

Parental leaves

There’s a lot to know about taking a leave of absence. Check out the resources below as a starting point. If you still have questions, reach out to Concierge on Salesforce1 or Aloha.

  • Parental leave—If you're a primary caregiver, you can take 26 weeks of paid time off—and if you're a secondary caregiver, you can take 12 weeks of paid time off—to bond with your new baby or adopted child, at 80% of your on-target earnings (OTE), including base salary, commissions, and bonus (up to a maximum of $5,000 per week). Please see the Parental Leave Policy for more information.
  • Gradual return-to-workAfter taking Parental Leave, you’re eligible for a gradual return-to-work schedule (four days per week) for four weeks. Check out the Growing Your Ohana - U.S. Employee Guide for specifics.
  • Step-by-step instructionsWe know that taking a leave of absence can be overwhelming; that’s why we’ve put together this handy program guide to walk you through the process step by step: Growing Your Ohana - U.S. Employee Guide.
  • Other leaves—If you need time off to care for an ill loved one, rejuvenate, or reconnect with your family, check out the Time Off and Leaves page to learn more about other types of leaves.

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Adoption assistance

We understand that every family is built differently. If you’re building your family through adoption, you’re eligible for Parental Leave and Adoption Assistance.

Salesforce will reimburse you up to $10,000 per child for eligible expenses related to adopting a child, including but not limited to:

  • Legal or attorney fees
  • Court fees
  • Adoption agency fees—including foreign adoption fees
  • Travel expenses including food and lodging while away from home
  • Pre-adoption medical exams and immunizations not covered by insurance
  • Medical treatment of child not covered by insurance
  • Temporary foster care costs
  • Translation services relating to the adoption
  • Immigration expenses relating to the adoption

Ready to claim expenses? Download the Adoption Assistance policy and claim form.

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Parental perks

Save time and money on meals, books, products, and care for your child.

  • One-time $250 meal reimbursement for new parents—To make life easier during this busy time in your life, Salesforce provides a one-time $250 payment that parents taking a leave can use for take-out meals.  When you take parental leave you’ll automatically be added to receive your $250 allowance via your paycheck.
  • DiscountsFind discounts on summer camps, baby products, and nanny services in the Kids and Baby section on Fond (find it on Aloha).
  • Milk Stork®—Salesforce has partnered with Milk Stork to provide breast milk shipping services to Salesforce's business-traveling, breastfeeding moms. Milk Stork provides these moms with everything they need to tote or send their milk home, including a pharmaceutical-grade shipping cooler, breast milk storage bags, and FedEx Priority Overnight shipping labels. Salesforce moms can place orders free of charge at using their company email address.

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Surrogacy and fertility benefits

Build your Ohana on your own terms. If you're enrolled in one of our Aetna or UHC plans, you will have access to Progyny, a concierge fertility service designed to assist members who may need to pursue fertility treatment options, including egg, embryo and sperm freezing, in-vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and more.

Your consultation, diagnostic testing, laboratory, preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and treatment are covered through SMART cycles as needed. Salesforce will cover 3 SMART cycles for you and your covered spouse or domestic partner. Progyny’s SMART cycle is designed to help decrease time to pregnancy, reduce miscarriage and apply the best practices for a healthy baby.

When you use your fertility service with Progyny, Salesforce will cover 90% of the costs after you reach your deductible. SMART cycles must be authorized by Progyny before you start treatment. Please note that if you are enrolled in the Aetna or UHC plan and you do not utilize fertility services with a Progyny network provider, your fertility services may not be covered. Progyny provides access to a network of 400+ clinic locations across the US. Your concierge team of nurses and Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) are here to help you every step of the way. 

Additionally, our surrogacy reimbursement program also provides financial assistance for up to $10,000 per lifetime maximum to help with the expenses associated with using a surrogate to assist in carrying and giving birth to a child.

Review the Progyny member guide [PDF] and Progyny overview [PDF] for more information, and call 1-888-461-5067 to speak with a PCA to get started. Your PCA will help you with your fertility care and surrogacy reimbursement.

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Child care benefits

Of course, no one is you. But you can use your Salesforce benefits to help you find quality care for your child.

  • Back-up child careUse this program to line up temporary care for your children. All care providers are screened and carefully selected from high-quality child care centers and in-home care agencies. For center-based care, you pay a $15 copay per child or $25 per family; in-home care is $6 per hour, with a four-hour minimum. All eligible Salesforce employees have ten days of back-up care available per calendar year.

    You can register for free and make back-up care reservations—even if you don't need care right now. Once you’re registered with Bright Horizons, you can schedule care up to one month in advance. Schedule care in one of two ways:

  • Priority access at child care centersIf you choose a Bright Horizons center as your child care provider, your child(ren) will have priority access. Your waiting time will be determined by the age of your child and the availabilities in each center. Placement on the priority list at these centers does not guarantee enrollment for your child at that facility or any other facility. To find a Bright Horizons center near you, visit Bright Horizons.
  • Bright Horizons 221 Main St.—San Francisco-based employees have access to the Bright Horizons care center at 221 Main St., which provides care for infants through preschoolers. Because of Salesforce’s sponsorship of the center, employees enjoy greater access and reduced tuition. Although it’s a Salesforce center, spaces are limited. Contact the center directly at 415-495-1706 to schedule a tour. Have more questions? Use your SSO to access this FAQ.
  • Bright Horizons Care Advantage*—Salesforce employees receive free access to a comprehensive database of caregivers powered by Sittercity. You can find nannies and sitters for evening/weekend care, access to elder care resources, and referrals, access to tutors, and even pet sitters, dog walkers and groomers! To access this support network for your entire family go to and scroll down to find the services you're looking for today.
  • Little Ohana—Salesforce is committed to supporting working parents. We're aware of the high demand for quality child care in the Bay Area market and we’re happy to offer a child care center, located at Salesforce West, exclusively for Salesforce employees' children. Little Ohana is a convenient, high-quality space where the littlest members of our Ohana can learn, play, and grow.

* Please note that Sittercity and CareDirect are third party platforms that allow you to connect with individuals offering childcare and eldercare services. Salesforce has not vetted these individuals.

Please see Concierge for more information.

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Rethink developmental support

Salesforce has partnered with Rethink to provide an effective, web-based program that offers practice treatment solutions, tools, and resources at no cost for parents of children with developmental disabilities. Learn more.

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Grand Rounds

Whether you or your extended family need information about a new diagnosis or treatment, a second opinion from a world-leading expert, or support deciding if surgery is right for you, Grand Rounds can help with it all.

Extended family includes children/legal dependents, spouses/domestic partners/civil union partners, parents and siblings (full or partial, biologic or adoptive/guardian/custodial).

Grand Rounds is with you when:

  • You need an expert. They will get you a second opinion or personalized care plan from a world-leading expert.
  • You need a hand. They will gather your medical records, and handle all the details.
  • You need support. They will help you make tough decisions or help you decide if surgery is right for you.
  • You need answers. They will provide expert advice about a new diagnosis or existing condition.

Check out Grand Rounds' success stories and Expert Second Opinions With Grand Rounds. Visit or call 1-800-233-6485 to get started.

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Enrolling your children in benefits

We welcome your little ones to the Salesforce family! Here’s everything you need to know about enrolling your children in benefits.

Who is eligible?

  • Your children and/or your spouse’s/domestic partner’s children, biological or adopted, under age 26.
  • Your children and/or your spouse’s/domestic partner’s children, biological or adopted, over age 26 and solely dependent on you for support due to a mental or physical disability.

When can I enroll my children?

You can add children to your benefit plans as a new hire or when you experience a qualifying life event such as giving birth, adopting a child, or getting married. Note: You can enroll a child in dental benefits any time before age 3 without a life event.

You must enroll your child in medical benefits within 30 days of his/her birthdate or finalized adoption date. Have your child’s Social Security Number (SSN) on hand when enrolling. U.S. health care reform law requires SSNs to be reported to the IRS for each covered individual.

Other benefits

During Benefits Enrollment, we offer Supplemental Life Insurance of up to $10,000 per child. Check out Group Life Insurance and Income Protection to learn more.

If something happens to you, make sure your family is protected by setting up beneficiaries in Workday. You can also designate a will or trust as your beneficiary.

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College coaching

Thinking about sending kids to college? College Coach® is the nation’s leading provider of educational advising, offering expert guidance from the best college admissions and college finance consultants around the country. The College Coach program includes access to live and recorded workshops, 1-1 counseling and in-depth online resources. Salesforce is proud to offer these valuable services as part of your benefits package—at no cost to Salesforce employees! Please see Concierge for more information.

Visit the College Coach portal to get started (first-time registration passcode: salesforcecoach).

Questions? Please contact College Coach directly at 1-888-527-3550 or

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Saving for the future

It’s never too early to save for your future and your children’s futures. Your Salesforce benefits can help.

401k and Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)If you haven’t already started building your nest egg, there’s no time like the present. Learn more.

Looking to set up a trust or will? Money Management Educators (MME) can help you with this. Your first consultation is free! Contact them at Or, the CONCERN:EAP can refer you to a lawyer for help with drafting a will or trust. Your first 30-minute session is free. Each visit after that is 25% off! Call 1-800-344-4222.

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Helpful hints and resources

Salesforce offers resources for you and your family if you need help

MovingCONCERN:EAP can refer you to local child care resources.  Visit the CONCERN:EAP website (employer ID: salesforce) to find what you need fast.

Connecting with other Salesforce parentsUse your SSO to join the ParentForce Chatter group and share tips, tricks, ideas, or maybe even a nanny!

Caring for an aging parentWhen your normal plans fall through, take advantage of back-up elder care. The Back-Up Care Advantage Program provides you and your loved ones with high-quality center-based and in-home care. A care provider can pick up prescriptions, bring takeout meals, and offer general care and support. All eligible Salesforce employees have ten days of back-up care available per calendar year.

You can register for free, and make back-up care reservations—even if you don't need care right now. Once you’re registered with Bright Horizons, you can schedule care up to one month in advance. Schedule care by phone or online:

Find more caregiver resources, including webinars and articles, at Bright Horizons Family Resources.

Wellthy—Are you taking care of a sick or aging family member? Do you have a loved one with special needs?

We’re excited to offer a new benefit program Wellthy, which connects you with a dedicated professional care coordinator who can manage a wide range of aspects related to a loved one’s care. Whether you need help navigating complex insurance claims and finding specialists, or the basics like refilling prescriptions or ordering supplies, Wellthy has you covered. Sign up using your Salesforce email address.

If you are on an Incentive Compensation Plan—Check out the Leave of Absence section of the Incentive Compensation Policies, and log a case in Ask Sales Support if you have any questions.

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Post them to Concierge. (Find it on Aloha.)

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