Salesforce Moves 2 Million Miles

Stay tuned for the FY18 challenge in the coming weeks. Please check the Salesforce Moves 2 Million Miles Chatter Group for updates!

Ready, Set, Move!

Join the challenge! Run, walk or swim with your family, friends, coworkers, or sign up for races. Our goal is to log 2 million miles by the end of FY17.

Let’s do this, Salesforce!

How it works

  • Log your walking, running, biking, and swimming miles, which will count towards your home office team. Work remotely? You’ll compete with your fellow remote workers—and they’re out to win, so get ready!
  • Get cool stuff for reaching major milestones! If you log at least 80 miles in a month, you’ll be entered into a raffle for a chance to win amazing prizes to keep you moving. Plus, for each milestone level you reach based on your activity level, you’ll earn fun swag

Three easy steps

Getting started with the challenge is easy; just follow these three steps:

  1. Download the Movecoach Million Miles Challenge app in the Apple or Android store or visit:
  2. Synch your favorite device (i.e. FitBit, Garmin, JawBone UP, Nike Plus, HealthKit, etc). The challenge tracks miles starting February 1, 2016, so you may already be ahead of the game. If you need a fitness-tracking device, take advantage of your Salesforce-exclusive FitBit discount. You can save 17-20%. Find it on Anyperk
  3. Get moving

Questions? Post them to the Salesforce Moves 2 Million Miles Chatter Group and be sure to share how you’re racking up those miles around the world!